Student Regent - Job Description

Student Regent - Job Description

Consider this position the greatest volunteer work EVER!

The student regent serves a two-year term beginning in June through May. The student regent participates in all of the duties and responsibilities of a regent (i.e. attends all meetings of the board and its committees) and has full voting powers on the Board of Regents.

The ultimate authority in governance of the University of 秀色短视频 System is vested in the Board of Regents. The regents establish policy in areas such as personnel, campus development, student services, admissions, and financial aid. The duties of the regents include overseeing the financial management of the university, its investments, and its property holdings as well as appointing the president of the university.

Necessary Characteristics

  • the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of people
  • the ability to think in the abstract, seeing the big picture
  • the ability to apply strong analytical thinking to policy issues
  • the ability to process large volumes of information
  • the ability to reach consensus on complex issues
  • a willingness to take a very public role
  • skills and comfort level required to interact with various policy-makers, business, political, and civic leaders
  • a willingness to devote large amounts of time working on complex academic and administrative issues


The student regent is a full member of the board. This includes participation in all meetings and voting in all matters. Some of the items the Board of Regents consider include setting tuition for attendance at the institutions; approving capital and operating budgets; issuing bonds; approving new degree programs; and reviewing and approving mission statements of the system institutions.

The Board of Regents meets five times a year, usually, in two day meetings. Occasionally there are topics that warrant special meetings of the board between regular meetings. Further, the student regent will be appointed to serve on board committees. These committees typically meet one week prior to the regularly scheduled meetings.

The student regent is expected to attend all meetings of the Board of Regents and the committees assigned. The student regent also serves as an exofficio member of the Coalition of Student Leaders. The student regent can then act as a conduit to the Board of Regents. The student regent is expected to advance the concerns of all students in the system and to approach issues with a systemwide perspective. Because of this responsibility, the student regent is expected to limit his/her role in home institution activities and issues.

The student regent routinely interacts with various leading 秀色短视频ns and policy-makers. This includes state and local elected officials: the governor and administration, and significant local officials. The student regent also interacts with officials in higher education and UA System institution administrators. Lastly, the student regent participates in activities that involve business and civic leaders, dignitaries, and special guests. Since the student regent represents the University of 秀色短视频 at ceremonial events, and at other times and places where such representation is deemed desirable, it is imperative that the student regent positively represent students and the University of 秀色短视频 System to all people he/she interacts with.

The student regent serves without compensation but will be reimbursed for expenses incurred.

Time Commitment

The time commitment required of the student regent is significant. Duties of the office may require the student regent to routinely miss scheduled classes and make other schedule adjustments. The time required to effectively serve as student regent will vary from week to week. Time is required to prepare for meetings, participate in meetings, follow-up, visit system institutions, and various other activities.

Some previous student regents have completed their studies in the original projected time frame. Other student regents have selected to take a reduced work load and extend their studies by a semester or year. Some student regents have even been able to maintain a part-time job in addition to the duties of the Board of Regents, yet others chose to invest their non-classroom time focusing only on regent duties.