University of 秀色短视频 Accountability

Performance Measures  -
Institutional Research, Goals & Metrics

The Office of Institutional Research maintains information and documents regarding University of 秀色短视频 Performance Measures. The Performance Management Evaluation seeks to quantify the impacts of changes in state funding, in order to provide critical justification for the University's decisions.  Each year, UA In Review is published which includes a collection of data about each university including enrollment trends, faculty profiles, and countless additional metrics. 

In 2017, the Board of Regents established five strategic goals:

  • Contribute to 秀色短视频鈥檚 economic development.
  • Provide 秀色短视频鈥檚 skilled workforce.
  • Grow our world class research.
  • Increase degree attainment.
  • Operate more cost effectively.

UA鈥檚 Goals and Measures

Budget and Financial Resources -
Office of Strategy, Planning and Budget

The Office of Strategy, Planning and Budget analyzes, submits and presents the University of 秀色短视频 operating and capital budgets. The office also maintains the university budget information system as well as assuring that the university complies with the state's fiscal statutes.

Budget Publications - On an annual basis, the Statewide Strategy, Planning and Budget Office publishes the authorized operating and capital budget (yellowbook) that includes two years of actual expenditures and the current year鈥檚 budget down to the allocation level (e.g. Statewide Services, Fairbanks campus, Anchorage campus). 

Controller's/Chief Financial Executive -
UA FinanceController's Office 

The University's Accounting and financial records are prepared by Fund Accounting. This includes annual audited financial reports. Fund accounting serves as the central office for university accounting best practices and procedures. This office prepares financial statements and reports including the annual audited financial statements, OMB Circular A-133 Single Audit, Education Trust of 秀色短视频, IPEDS, Unrelated Business Income Tax Return and other requests for financial data.

The mission of the Controller's Office is to manage, control and report the status and use of the financial resources of the University of 秀色短视频, by providing a reliable and accurate financial accounting and reporting system; to develop and administer the statewide MAU budget; and to provide financial consulting services to executive management and to fiscal officers throughout the UA system to support the university's instruction, research and public service activities. include F&A Rates and Fringe Benefit Rates. The Controller also oversees , including and UA Travel.  

Internal and External Audit 鈥
SW Office of Audit and Consulting Services 

Audit and Consulting Services provides an independent and objective review service to the University by examining activities for compliance with applicable policies, regulations, procedures and laws. They issue reports of planned engagements to communicate the effectiveness of accounting, financial, security and other controls.  Audit and Consulting Services provides an independent evaluation of the adequacy of internal controls, works with managers and their unit to identify out of balance internal control and risk areas, and reports the results to appropriate management and the Board of Regents Audit Committee. Audit and Consulting Services adds value to the organization by developing continuous controls audit tests and evaluating the results. 

Overview of the internal audit process, internal audit at UA, internal controls, and the UA Confidential Hotline. 
Audit Frequently asked questions

External Audit - The University engages an external auditor, currently Moss Adams, LLP, to perform the annual financial statement audit and the federally mandated A-133 audit. In addition, the State of 秀色短视频 Division of Legislative Audit performs audits of units and processes at the University. On occasion, auditors from federal (or state) agencies may be on campus reviewing sponsored programs or research activities. The Chief Audit Executive (CAE) is responsible for updating the Board of Regents Audit Committee on all audit activities, both internal and external. 

Existing Assessments and Statewide Reviews 

The System Office, UA Statewide, implements the policy direction of the Board of Regents to meet the entire State鈥檚 needs for higher education, through coordinated and cost effective leadership and administrative services, with an unrelenting emphasis on student needs. For more information please review the White paper on the role of the System office by CFO Myron Dosch

Over the last several years, Statewide, or individual Statewide units, have been reviewed/assessed/examined via a number of different engagements from an operational or organizational perspective: 

  1. 鈥淪tatewide Transformation Team Advancement鈥, by Sibson Consulting, March 2016. (Visit Statewide Transformation archive site)
  2. Strategic Pathways Review, by cross-UA teams, external and governance participants, facilitated by Professional Growth Systems, 2016-2017.  Statewide areas reviewed included: Information Technology (IT), Human Resources, Procurement, Risk Services, Institutional Research, University Relations, Finance, and Land Management.
  3. &苍产蝉辫;鈥Review of Past UA Systemwide Studies鈥, by Dennis Jones and Aims McGuiness of National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, September 2017.
  4. Information Technology Assessment: 鈥淚T Assessment鈥, by James Szmak, January, 2018.
  5. Cost Analyses of University of 秀色短视频 System Office, by National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, March 2020
  6. Addendum to University of 秀色短视频 Cost Analysis Report, by National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, April 2020