Benefit Reminders for January

The Benefits team has issued these reminders for January 2024

  • Open Enrollment will begin this April! Keep an eye out for updates including dates, changes, and other important information in the coming weeks!
  • Remember, the benefits team can be reached at, by phone at (907) 450-8242 (direct line to benefits) or by scheduling office hours.
  • The new process for Benefit Onboarding (BenO) for new employees was presented during the December roundtable. Please reach out to Robert Hall at or (907) 450-8242 if you have any questions regarding the benefit action items/process for new employees.
  • Roth 403(b) available now! Any and all employees can contribute to a 403(b) with Roth (post-tax) or Tax-deferred (pre-tax) contributions. More information can be found on our 403(b) webpage.

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